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My 2 ​weeks Results working as a freelancer the social media management platform, i was able to get earn N10,000 rendering instagram follower service 

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3. I will provide you promotion templates for promoting your services on social mdedia  - Worth N5,000.

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Remember, I earned $1000 after 2 weeks as a freelancer and makes at least N5,000 daily working on social media marketplace.

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In Conclusion

Today, the richest man in Africa is Dangote. But how many people can start the same business as Dangote?
Not many, because it involves a huge startup capital but how long are you going to wait for capital ?

If Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gate, Jeff Bezos had waited for capital  they won’t be centi billionaire today.

So you just have to start working on something to raise capital and get other business  idea into work....
That’s the only shortcut to success.

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